Friday, April 27, 2007

A helpful reminder

In case you forget what comes out of red fire hydrants the city has a helpful reminder. This photo was taken on 2007-04-26. I have been watching the city rebuild it after someone ran the hydrant over during a snow storm.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Work in Process at the end of the day

Here the same picture with some more base color added and a little more red orange. Tomorrow I'll go back after the red with white to knock it down and define. I like to do both additive and subtractive work as I paint and draw. Lay in a color, texture, line, etc. and then erase or blot it out. Add and then subtract to define. In painting you paint out or scrape/sand off the bits not wanted. This painting is currently being done in acrylics.

A brand spanking new picture I just started

Here are two photo's of a painting I just started. A base picture and then background color blocked in. As you can see I am going for a lot of gestural energy in this painting and am going to build up pigment saturation with color washes. I think it'll be fun.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Work in Process

Here is an updated version of the painting in the previous post. As you can see I added elements and changed some color.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Puddle, red brick with water tension

This is a photograph I took after an artist Meet and Greet at Altered Esthetics Gallery where I have been showing paintings. The website is: The photo is an 8"x 10" digital photo taken with a Nikon d200 with a Nikkor 24-70 lens. It is titled "Puddle, red brick with water tension". It was shot on 2007-03-10. I saw this shot while reviewing thumbnails and loved it in the thumbnail view so I enlarged it. I am very happy with the results. To me the sweep of the darks in the water and pavement contrast with the forced geometry of the bricks. Enjoy all and feel free to comment in any way you would like.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Work In Progress - due date 4/15/2007

Here is a little ditty I'm banging away at. It is 6 foot by 4 foot painted in acrylic. I painted out most of the figure and added gauze to the canvas adding texture. The theme of the show it's going into is bike art. Sorry about the lighting but I'm painting under bare bulbs with clamp lights.

Hello cruel world. One more entry into the void.

As this will be the first, and bottom blog entry I thought I'd keep it short and sweet. I am a visual artist working in the middle of the North American continent. Charcoal pastel acrylic yum. Here is a little something to put onto the web.

Charcoal on paper, 22"x30", 2007