Saturday, August 22, 2009

Woodcut Little Dog

I finally pulled the edition on this Art Trading Card sized print and let it dry. It is of a little dog my niece had at my parents last year. The dog was mostly black and white and I put it on a green background.

"Little Doggy" 2.5"Wx3.5"T, Wood Cut Print, Three color, 2009, Edition of 10

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is brown and sounds like a bell?

Dung. Or a Dung beetle to be precise. I found a dung beetle in my basement, it had crawled out of the ash pit under the fireplace. I have never used the fireplace but the grackles drop all sorts of crap down the chimney including themselves. Beetle Heaven.

This drawing has over twenty hours of work into it
, I find color pencil can be very tedious to use but has a look that can be worth it. For me the color study was about texture and the nature of the grid work applied to the background and the beetle.

“Dung Beetle”, Color Pencil on paper, 14” x 17”, 2009-08-18