Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blue Belly dog

Another little dog drawn while I waited. This last batch was all drawn at six by nine inches because this size scales exactly to four by six for postcards. I will be matting the originals to eleven by fourteen for display and sale at art festivals.

"Blue Belly", color pencil, 6"x9", 2009-04-25

This original drawing as well as fine art prints can be purchased online at:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last weekend was spent at the Saint Paul Art crawl. I had a space in the hallway of the Rossmor building which is a nice converted wharehouse full of artists lofts/condos. Interesting to see gentrification in action as many of the units are owned by non-artists and demand and prices go up.

Foot traffic through the building was slow where I was set up, possibly because there were no open artist studios on the floor I was on, possibly because the building is so big the space becomes to diffuse. End result is sales were very slow for me so I worked on some little drawings. Here is the first one I did.

"Intense", color pencil, 6"x9", 2009-04-25

Monday, April 20, 2009

Woodcut print "Five in the Sky"

This is the first of a new series of woodcut prints which are going to be 5x5 printed on 6x6 paper. They will all be treetop pictures.

"Five in the Sky", 5"Tx5"W Wood Cut Print, Four color, 2009 Edition of 10

Originals from this edition can be purchased on at:

Monday, April 6, 2009

"A Bad Heart" a new drawing

This drawing started out as an idea about a shadow figure with a biohazard symbol in the chest area. As I was working I decided to add the text in a scumbled blue lettering with just a tinting of green inside the figure.

“A Bad Heart”, Pastel and charcoal on paper, 22” x 30”, 2009-04-04

The original and prints are available at:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Skinned naked Under the Lights

The figure in this drawing is red with dark blue undertones and a hint of a spine contorted in an impossible manner. The background is a swirling spiky mass of ochre and brown.

"Skinned naked Under the Lights", Pastel and Charcoal on Paper, 22"x30", 1991, John Terwilliger